French for Translators V

French for Translators V

Study Cycle: 1




ECTS credit:3

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Mezeg Adriana, prof. dr. Schlamberger Brezar Mojca


French-Slovene Contrastive Grammar Lectures and seminars:
Students extend the grammar knowledge from
the previous 4 semesters of French grammar
with contrastive grammar of French and
Slovene. The stress is put on syntax and textual
grammar. They gain familiarity with the
translation-relevant contrastive analysis
methods and topics: syntax of the clause,
compound clause, coordination, subordination.
Expression of semantic relations within the
sentence: temporal, causal, concessive,
conditional, final clauses and related semantic relations.
Elements of textual grammar in French and
Slovene, connectives, anaphora.