Slovene-Italian Translation II

Slovene-Italian Translation II

Study Cycle: 1




ECTS credit:9

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Grgič Matejka, doc. dr. Paolucci Sandro, lekt. Molle Tiziana


The course consists of two subcourses:
a) Translation-oriented Italian idiomatics and stylistics
b) Translation from Italian.
Translation-oriented Italian idiomatics and stylistics: Recognizing special features of a language in terms of expression, typical sentence patterns, and collocational as well as other links between words from a theoretical point of view and through practical work with texts.
Translation from Italian: Translating texts of selected types and with various functions from Italian into Slovene with an emphasis on cultural differences between the two languages; functional analysis of translation strategies, solving specific and systemic translation problems; analysing semantic fields and special features concerning register; reinforcing comprehension of Italian and Slovene texts.