Pre-diploma Seminar in Contemporary Ethnological and Anthropological Topics

Pre-diploma Seminar in Contemporary Ethnological and Anthropological Topics

Lectures: 0

Seminars: 60

Tutorials: 0

ECTS credit: 5

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Svetel Ana, prof. dr. Muršič Rajko

When a student registers to the third year, he or she selects pre-diploma seminar. In its frame he or she will work under the guidance of selected mentor with whom he or she will at the end defend the diploma work. In the first semester the student prepares the disposition of the diploma thesis, while in the second semester he or she presents it, discusses about it and, if necessary, supplements it within the pre-diploma seminar.
Pre-diploma seminar is organized as straightforward multi-directed exchange of knowledge and information between its participants and leaders (discussions about the material students read, searching for the sources and literature, methodological instructions, skills of oral presentation of knowledge).
The seminar relates to the following established fields in the study program of ethnology and cultural anthropology: anthropology of migrations, anthropology of tourism, applied anthropology and cultural management, visual anthropology.
The seminar deals with basic and current social topics in Slovenia and elsewhere: topics, related to ecology, tourism and tourism-related processes (identity processes, heritagisation, mobility infrastructures, theme parks and spaces, destination myths, experiences and images), related to transnational connections, migrations, arts, media, violence, poverty, access to health care, etc. It offers orientations to the study of rural and urban cultures, contemporary, popular and digital culture, especially popular music and topics concerning entrepreneurship, business anthropology, anthropology of design or devise, anthropological study of non-governmental organizations and youth cultures. The seminar contextualises selected topics into the broader political and economic processes while within the seminar students also analyze scientific, cultural and sports programs and projects. They also get acquainted with the research of contemporary (urban) narratives and other genres of contemporary internet and media folklore. Students also learn how to use contemporary audiovisual methods, methodologies, sources and concepts of the field of visual anthropology as research and presentation tools about various selected topics.

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Each year separately those who lead the seminar prepare the list of literature - individually for each student and according to his or her chosen topic of the diploma work.