Language in Use I

Language in Use I

Study Cycle: 1

Lectures: 0

Seminars: 0

Tutorials: 120

ECTS credit: 5

Lecturer(s): Demšar Cilka, doc. dr. Sokolov Cvetka, doc. dr. Stubbs John Anthony, lekt. dr. Rot Gabrovec Veronika, lekt. dr. Želježič Mirjana, lekt. mag. Drašler Andreja

Reading Comprehension:
- The use of various reading techniques;
- Understanding authentic texts of various types;
- Summarizing a text’s tenor or essence;
- Superior taxonomic reading skills: analysis, evaluation, inferring;

Writing Abilities:
- Expository paragraph;
- Short expository written composition;
- The writing process;
- Short creative writing forms.

Listening Comprehension:
- Grasping specific information from texts with general themes;
- Understanding the general sense of a text;
- The various types of English (British, American, Australian, including dialects);
- Active and passive listening.

Speaking Abilities:
- Characteristics of spoken language / linguistic "chunking";
- Ability to fluidly relate information orally;
- Refined spoken communication;
- Exercises in speaking competence; short instances of speaking freely on an open topic.

Course material covers the following topics:
- Childhood;
- Education;
- Language, Political Correctness;
- Gender Roles, Feminism;
- Holidays and Celebrations;
- Topical Issues;
- Topics selected by teachers and students.

Watching selected contemporary topical film production, attending debating evenings and other events which make learning more varied and interesting, and contribute to attaining teaching objectives.